IQMS 2013新开发 - 库存事务警报系统

IQMS 2013 ERP开发IQMS开发和自动化工作人员正在开展2013年的一些令人兴奋的新开发项目,超过我们每月通过客户支持网站从客户收到的数百个软件增强请求(SERS),MyIQMS. We believe that our commitment to continuous improvement has been one of the keys to our高增长总体成功。

我们新的2013年即将到来的项目之一是开发企业范围的库存事务警报系统。该系统的概念是允许商店地板用户通过一个发起库存交易的交易警报系统与成品和原材料仓库进行互动,特别是来自商店地板。交易警报系统功能可以在以下内容中找到EnterpriseIQ模块:ShopData,CommplaseData,The仓库管理系统(WMS)and multiplertstation应用。

这following is an overview of the transaction alert functionality. In ShopData and AssemblyData, there is a new icon for “Work Order Material/Components.” This will also be available as an app for the RTStation. The Work Order Material/Components application starts out by showing a color-coded grid of all raw materials and components used to manufacture the work order. This list is based either on the材料清单(BOM)或工作订单硬分配列表。该列表将这些原材料项目与工作中心的性格“OUT”位置联系在一起。


If there are items in the work center’s disposition location that are not part of the current production requirement, they are color-coded red. Typically, these raw materials could be left over from the last run or otherwise mistakenly transacted to this work center’s disposition “out” location. No matter the reason, they should be removed before the start of production in order to reduce the likelihood of a mistake.

Now that we have a color-coded list of the required raw materials, along with any raw material that shouldn’t be there, the user can use the touch screen to click on either the yellow coded materials to ask for a staging transaction or the red coded materials to ask for a pickup transaction. A table is populated with the information necessary to process the transaction alert along with the date and time the alert was submitted.

我们还介绍了库存区域的概念。库存区域是库存位置的父级。库存位置只能属于单个区域。WMS.用户可以属于无限数量的区域。启动事务警报时,Work Center的配置“OUT”位置的区域将写入交易警报表。特殊的Oracle回拨通知应用于事务警报表,以便在表中添加新的事务警报时,将显示为分配给库存区域的所有WMS用户。

When a user acknowledges the alert and completes the transaction, that transaction alert row is moved to a history table along with the date and time that the transaction was completed. You can imagine the types of warehouse and personnel performance reports that can be derived from this information.

这个系统会l allow for a RTStation to be connected to an HDMI-capable flat screen TV that can be mounted in the warehouse and set up to show all pending transaction alerts based on a zone or group of zones. This will become the “pulse” of the warehouse, not only directing raw material staging but also the pickup of manufactured items from the shop floor.


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