Is Money the Most Important Factor in Choosing Your Next Career?

这是你职业生涯中最重要的因素“给我看看钱款!”- 棒Tidwell(Jerry Maguire)


在过去三年中进行了超过420个电话采访后IQMS'招聘团队,我发现薪水似乎是他们下一次职业生涯中个人的第1因素。这不是任何意味着滑坡 - 位置绝对是近二,然后是工作安全。

也许我,谁基于职业生长,位置和幸福的决定,对此有点天真,但你看到我去哪儿了吗?你不能在美丽上价格Central Coast of California! And for anyone who has ever lived here or visited, you know exactly what I’m talking about. In fact, some of our customers will choose to do their training in our brand new training facility in California, although they may be geographically closer to our Rolling Meadows (Chicago) office.

在我的采访中,我与types of backgrounds, from recent college graduates to individuals with 30-plus years’ work experience. They both have their great qualities, but when discussing with them what they want in their next career move, they do differ. A recent college graduate may just be looking for the big bucks straight out of college, but then may not realize that the salary may be based off the type of career and the cost of living in the area as well. An individual with 30-plus years’ work experience may want the same big salary that they have earned over their career, but then may not realize that starting a new career with a new company may mean you have to begin toward the bottom and work your way up.

With the diversity of backgrounds and educations, I typically have to adjust my interviews accordingly. With college graduates, I tend to explain the cost of living on the Central Coast as compared to Los Angeles or San Francisco. There is definitely a dramatic difference. I also discuss the commute. Here, if you live 30 miles from our office, it takes you 30 minutes to get to work. In LA or San Francisco, a 30 mile commute to work could mean two hours in traffic or worse, in this bloggers opinion, you could have to deal with the hustle and bustle of public transportation.




“那个男人是最富有的,其乐趣是最便宜的。”- Henry David Thoreau

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