Quality Audits Are The Future Of Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Quality Audits Are The Future Of Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Bottom Line:Food & beverage manufacturing’s future is being defined by the over 60 customer quality audit requests a typical manufacturer receives every year, combined with the need to excel at FDA audits and compliance to stay competitive.

Food and beverage manufacturersneed to find new ways to scale auditing if they’re going to keep growing and attracting new customers. Audits are one of the most powerful catalysts driving continuous improvement, contributing to greater customer satisfaction, and ultimately more revenue. Market leaders can take quick action on quality data gained from these audits and modify customer outcomes immediately.

  • 审核优秀是通过关联组织范围的质量措施来提高食品和饮料制造业的客户满意度来提高销售的最忽略且最强大的方法之一。
  • ISO 9001 certification generates an initial sales bump that can be turned into long-term sales acceleration if combined with new products and programs.
  • 食品和饮料制造质量举措已达到拐点,审计需要更有效地规模,提供比过去更有价值的数据。

这些和许多其他迷人的见解来自Harvard Business SchoolWorking Paper,质量管理and Job Quality: How the ISO 9001 Standard for Quality Management Systems Affects Employees and Employersby David I. Levine and Michael W. Toffel. As the first large-scale study to determine how employee outcomes such as employment, earnings, health, and safety change when employers adopt ISO 9001, the researchers underscored how periodic internal audits drive continual improvement. The study focused on single-plant firms across an array of industries with Dun & Bradstreet finding nearly 1,000 companies in California meet the criteria of being a single plant firm. The study has direct implications for the food and beverage industry as it reflects the need to scale customer and regulatory audits to retain existing customers and attract new ones.



  • More accurately track major and minor non-conformances by a given food or beverage product, prioritizing them, and what action is needed to resolve each faster。产品质量问题可以令人难以置信的快速进入客户和公共关系问题。完成定期内部审核以跟踪产品的主要和次要非符合性,这对于留在任何潜在的主要产品不合格之上至关重要。捕获基于不合规/纠正措施(NC / CA)的趋势数据,纠正措施/预防措施(CAPA)和客户请求,然后使用质量管理系统进行不合格的不合格可以帮助定义首先解决的质量问题。每月在这些地区有一系列新的数据,以60天为代表客户解决质量挑战而无数。
  • Audits are indispensable in building a knowledge base capable of tracking and predicting quality performance.旨在捕获,汇总和提供预测分析的MES对今天的任何食品和饮料制造商都非常宝贵。审核中捕获的数据更详细和强大,更好。具有可靠的质量数据,一个MESand质量管理系统可以在产品中提供洞察点和过程弱点。每个新的Insight都会增加了知识库,可以解决未来质量挑战。
  • 通过使用审计来跟踪条件和改善,保持高健康和安全水平的植物,同时保持伤害。A globally-known food products manufacturer uses audits every 60 days to evaluate the health and safety compliance of their lead production facility in the Midwestern U.S. Using periodic audits the quality management team found that work instructions often required workers to perform preventative maintenance on machines to keep production running including spraying WD-40 on presses if they appeared to lock up periodically. The audit found that preventative maintenance on machines needed to be stepped up in addition to tool calibration. The overall quality and production yield rates improved based on the audit and a more systematic approach to preventative maintenance planning.
  • 根据最近的高级行政质量冠军提供基于最近的审计数据的改进建议。通过为基于实际数据提供明确的质量改进,充分利用高级管理人员和领导沟通。通过锚定关于审计数据的建议,支持质量的高级管理人员有他们需要采取行动。哈佛商学院研究还发现,通过定期进行审计,制造商学习如何在流程级别延长成本。
  • 在审计中心保持基于客户的指标和关键绩效指标(KPI),并跟踪植物广泛的操作与计划的运营方式。Often the most valuable audits find where internal disconnects are causing customers lost time, orders, and the potential to generate more revenue on their own. Audits need to track and trend order entry accuracy, warehouse pick accuracy, on-time delivery percentage, orders shipped without damage (% of orders shipped damage-free) and percentage of orders invoiced correctly. These five factors define perfect order performance. Excelling at perfect order performance is the first step to driving up customer trust and the opportunity to sell to them again.
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